Three Top Reasons To Opt For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Summer is well on its way, and that, along with hybrid working arrangements in many businesses, means that it is time to take advantage of fewer people being in the office and opt for a deep clean of your facilities.

Whilst many small businesses opt to do this cleaning and clear-out themselves, one part of their cleaning routine that is either underappreciated or simply ignored entirely is carpet cleaning, with many businesses instead opting for a simple vacuum and cleaning of obvious stains.

However, by doing so, they miss out on a lot of the health and productivity benefits of professional commercial cleaning services, and with that in mind, here are three of the biggest reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning.

Reduce Sickness Absences

Many people in facilities management are aware of the concept of sick building syndrome, which is a complex condition where people suffer from an increased abundance of illnesses in a particular building.

The reasons for this can vary dramatically from indoor air quality issues to inadequate or inappropriate cleaning methods.

The former is often the case when carpets are merely occasionally hoovered, and the latter is sometimes the result of using harsh chemical carpet cleaning solutions.

Using professional cleaning methods and tools helps not only to keep the carpet looking like new but also reduces the spread of illness-causing pathogens, which in turn reduces sickness absences.

Longer Carpet Life

Carpets tend to last a long time in offices and are designed to be hard-wearing. However, debris, wear and tear, inappropriate cleaning methods and mould can destroy them far quicker than you may expect.

A professional cleaner will use the best method for the type of carpet involved, making a carpet look and feel like new and ensuring they last far longer.

Warranty Requirements

Unless a carpet is bought incredibly cheaply, most office carpets cost quite a lot of money to lay and replace and as a result, come with a long-term warranty.

However, a common clause of many of these warranty agreements is that the carpet must be cleaned professionally within a given period of time, which is typically between 6-18 months.

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