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Sam Paige - DNB Property's


We use Diamond Carpet Cleaning to clean our offices regularly. Very professional service always. The carpets look fresh and clean. Strongly recommend them.

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Kelly Warren


I would like to compliment the Diamond Carpet Cleaning. They did an amazing job. I was never expecting our carpet and sofa to come that clean. Absolutely incredible. Yes, I recommend Diamond Carpet Cleaning.

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J.B Tanner


Exactly what I was looking for. The results are amazing. The carpet and all upholstery at home look brand new and smell fresh. I recommend Diamond Carpet Cleaning to all my friends. Thank you very much!

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Zafar and Fatima Khan


Amazing service!
We recommend Diamond Carpet Cleaning .... We have been using their services for a number of years. They do an excellent job every time. Thank you for all you do!