How To Keep Carpets Looking As Good As New

The winter season means it can be a challenge to keep on top of keeping the carpets clean, with muddy shoes and dirty pet paws leaving a trail of mud and grime on carpets.

You might have a household cleaning regimen that rivals that of a 5-star hotel, but all that hard work could be undone by grubby carpets and rugs. We have a look at some tips for effective and efficient carpet cleaning.

Vacuum like a professional

While it might sound like an obvious tip, vacuuming regularly is one of the best ways to keep the carpet looking like new. Aim to vacuum the house once a week, or twice a week for softer carpets. Rooms that are not used so often can accumulate dust, so you may have to vacuum these rooms more often to keep them looking fresh.

Always vacuum against the pile, which will help lift the fabric and remove dust from deep in the fibres.

Tackle stains straight away

It is important to act fast if something has been spilt on the carpet. For water-soluble stains, for instance, mud, or drinks, blot the stain away with a solution of two pints of water with a quarter of a teaspoon of white vinegar.

Start with a clean cloth and gently press the stain, moving from the outside to the inside. Avoid rubbing the stain, as it will push it into the carpet’s fibres. For wool or wool-blend carpets use a solution of mild detergent and water.

Tackle pet problems

Us Brits are pet lovers, but maybe not so in love with what they do to our carpets. In case of accidents, and to remove any unpleasant odours, apply bicarbonate of soda to the area and let it absorb until the powder starts to dry - blot away with a clean cloth and then vacuum it away.

To tackle stubborn pet hair in carpet fibres, one of the most effective ways to do so is to use a window/shower squeegee over the carpet. This will collect hair into a pile, leaving the carpet looking fresh.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in London, get in touch today.

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