How Often Should You Clean Your Vacuum?

Vacuuming is essential to keep a house clean and tidy, and depending on how much traffic your carpets see and if you have pets, you should probably be doing it once or twice a week. However, did you also know it is not just your carpets that need a thorough clean but your vacuum itself?

- Regularly clean brushes

Something to add on your weekly vacuum is cleaning the brushes to remove any trapped hair, clogged carpet fibres or other debris.

- Empty vacuum

Although it can be tempting to carry on vacuuming until the cannister is completely full, it is better to empty it once dirt and dust has reached two-thirds of the way up.

According to The Vacuum Experts: “The performance of your vacuum is roughly parallel to how full it is at the time of use.”

To improve long-term performance, it is, therefore, better to get into the habit of not filling it to the top.

- Deep clean

Every 12 to 18 months, it is a good idea to give your vacuum a thorough clean, removing all dirt that builds up inside the apparatus. This helps to improve the bearing housing within the appliance. Otherwise, brush rolls could slow down and soften, picking up fewer particles at a time, and becoming inefficient.

“Soft brush rolls can lead to a cut in half of your vacuum’s overall effectiveness – so they need to be replaced,” the website advised.

However, proper cleaning, including washing every removable part in soap and water, can prevent this.

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