Are You Vacuuming As Often As You Should?

Cleaning the house can often get put to the bottom of ‘to do lists’ in busy households. After all, who has the time to clean ovens and wash floors in between running the kids to extracurricular clubs, going to birthday parties, seeing friends, and hitting the gym? But you might be surprised to hear how often you need to get out your cleaning equipment for a hygienic home, including regularly vacuuming the carpets.

In fact, homeowners have to run the Hoover up and down carpets and rugs twice a week, according to The Spruce, in order to remove dust and soil from the floor. By leaving it longer, the debris will imbed deeper into the fibres and become harder to shift.

Hard surfaces also need attention, and could do with a vacuum once a week at least. Even though dust and dirt does not stick to the flooring as much as on a carpet, soil can remain in hard-to-reach corners and in between floorboards.

“The loose soil can also scratch some hard surface flooring and leave permanent damage,” the publication stated.

Households with pets will need their vacuum to work overtime, as floors have to be cleaned every single day, particularly if they have a cat or dog with long, shaggy hair.

“Pets shed and drop fleas and dander that can aggravate or cause allergies and disease,” Family Handy Man commented, adding that those who do not have time to vacuum daily should concentrate on the rooms with most traffic.

If this all sounds too much for you, use carpet cleaning services in London to help with your household chores.

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